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Professor Lin, Blossom Yen-Ju


Current position

Professor, Department of Medical Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Medicine, College of Medicine, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan, ROC.   2018.08-present


  • PhD- Health Services Organization and Research, Department of Health Administration, Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA, 1996.08-1999.07

  • MS- Biochemistry, Graduate Institute of Biochemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 1993.08-1995.07

  • BS- Pharmacy, China Medical College, Taichung, Taiwan, 1988.08-1993.06

Academic Expertise

health services research, health care organizational theory and design, health care organizational behavior, medical education research

Professional Experience

  • 2018.08 – Present. Professor, Department of Medical Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Medicine, Chang Gung University, Taiwan, ROC

  • 2014.08 – 2018.07. Professor, Department of Medical Sociology, China Medical University, Taiwan, ROC

  • 2011.02 – 2014.07. Professor, Department and Institute of Health Service Administration, China Medical University, Taiwan, ROC

  • 2008.02 – 2011.01. Associate professor, Department and Institute of Health Service Administration, China Medical University, Taiwan, ROC

  • 2002.08 – 2008.01. Assistant professor, Department and Institute of Health Service Management, China Medical University, Taiwan, ROC

  • 1999.08 – 2002.07. Assistant professor, Department and Institute of Health Care Administration, Chung Jeng University, Taiwan, ROC

  • 1996.02 – 1996.06. Director, Department of Quality Control, Shin-Phon Pharmaceutical Company, Taichung, Taiwan, ROC.

Professional Certificates of National Boards

Licensed Pharmacist in Taiwan : 

  • License for National Pharmacist Professional Examination
  • License for Examinations for Professional and Technical Personnel

Academic Honors

  • The National Science and Science Council, Annual Research Award (2023.08-2024.07)

  • Chang Gung University, Excellent Teaching Award (2023.08)

  • Chang Gung University, Excellent Teaching Award (Basic Science, College of Medicine) (2023.07)

  • The National Science and Science Council, Annual Research Award (2022.08-2023.07)

  • Chang Gung University, Year 2020 Outstanding Gender Equity Education Personnel Award (teaching and research) (2021.11)

  • The Ministry of Science and Technology, 2021 Annual Research Award (2021.08-2022.07)

  • Taiwan Medical Education Association, 2020 Annual Research Award  (2020.10.17)

  • The Ministry of Science and Technology, 2020 Annual Research Award (2020.08-2021.07)

  • The Ministry of Education, Youth Development Agency, Excellent Teachers Service Learning Award for Colleges and Universities (2016.11)

  • China Medical University, Excellent Textbook Excellence Award-Introduction to Medical Management (Medical Student Edition) (2016.07)

  • China Medical University, Excellent Textbook Outstanding Award-Medical Organization Integration and Management (Wunan Press) (2016.07)

  • China Medical University, Excellent Teaching and Teaching Innovation Teacher (College of Medicine) (2015.11)

  • China Medical University, Excellent Teaching and Teaching Innovation Teacher (College of Public Health) (2013.11)

  • The National Science Council, Biology Division, Outstanding Young Scholar Special Research Project Award (2014.08.01-2017.07.31)

  • The National Science Council, Humanities Division, Outstanding Young Scholar Special Research Project Award (2011.08.01-2014.07.31)

  • Who’s WhoÒ 2009, 2010 name list

  • Zhuang Yizhou Foundation, Annual Research Silver Award (2008.11)

  • The National Science Council, Research Award, 2000 

Academic and Industry Experiences

Academy Experiences: (active#)

  • #BMC Medical Education, Guest Editor for Special Collection- Promoting Health and Well-being in Lifelong Medical Education. 2023.08~ (2023 JCR, SCI, SSCI, Q1 Journal)

  • #BMC Medical Education/Senior Editorial Board Member, 2022.05.02  – present (2023 JCR, SCI, SSCI, Q1 Journal)

  • #Health Care Management Review (HCMR) Editorial Advisory Board Member, 2021.09 – 2024.08 (2023 JCR, SSCI, Q3 Journal)

  • BMC Medical Education, Associate Editor (Editorial Board Member) at the section of Assessment and evaluation of admissions, knowledge, skills and attitudes., 2018.08.01-2022.05.01

  • Ministry of Education, Academic Promotion,  Reviewer, Year 2022.08-2023.07

  • #Ministry of Education, Teaching Practice and Research Project, Reviewer, 2018 – present 

  • Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education, the Teacher Qualification Examination Reviewer, 2019

  • Ministry of Examination, Department of Senior and Junior Examinations, Drafter-grader 2019

  • China Medical University, Faculty Development Center & Office of Institutional Research, Director, 2016-2017

  • #Taiwan Medical School External Review Committee for the Faculty Promotion in Medical Education, Reviewer, 2015 – present 

  • Taiwan Medical Management Journal, Associate Editor, 2012.12– 2015.12

  • Organization and Management, Special Issue "Medical Management," Guest Editor, 2009 – 2012

  • #Taiwan's national government agencies, Research Project Reviewer: Ministry of Health and Welfare, National Health Insurance Agency, Research and Examination Committee, National Development Commission, National Science Council/Ministry of Science and Technology, etc.

  • #International academic journals, Reviewer: Advances in Health Sciences Education (AHSE)(SSCI Journal), BMC Health Services Research (SCI journal), BMC Medical Education (SCI, SSCI journal), Ergonomics (SCI & SSCI Journal), Health Care Management Review (SSCI Journal), Health Policy (SSCI journal), Health and Quality of Life Outcome (SCI journal), International Journal of Nursing Studies (SSCI journal), Journal of Medical System (SCI journal), Medical Education (SSCI journal)Medical Teacher (SCI journal), Social Science & Medicine (SSCI journal), Teaching and Learning in Medicine (SCI journal), etc.

  • International academic conferences, Reviewer: AOM, Academy Health

  • #Taiwan academic journal, Reviewer: Sun Yat-Sen Management Review, Central Taiwan Magazine,  Taiwan J Public Health, Chang Gung Journal of Science, Journal Of Chang Jung Christian University, Health and Society: A Journal for Dialogue, Bulletin of Educational Psychology, Industry and Management Forum, Journal of Healthcare Management, NTU Management Review, The Journal of Health Science, etc.

  • #Taiwan health care organizations, Research Project Reviewer: China Medical University and hospital, Taichung Veteran General Hospital, etc.

  • National Taiwan University Behavioral Social Sciences Research Ethics Review Committee, Member, 2021.08.01 – 2023.07.31

  • #Ministry of Education, Research Ethic Committee Inspector, 2013 – present 

  • Research Ethic Committee, Board Member: China Medical University (2011.07 – 2018.06), National Changhua University of Education (2013.02 –2015.01)

Industry Experiences:

  • Ministry of Education, UCAN platform, Consultant, 2017-2020, 2024

  • Middle Taiwan Medical Regional Counseling and Medical Resource Integration Program, Consultant, 2013-2016

  • The Pharmaceutical Care Committee of the Federation of Pharmacists, Consultant, 2014 – 2016

  • Fengyuan Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Medical Ethics Committee, Board Member, 2014-2015

  • Taichung County Health Bureau, Project of Pharmaceutical Cooperation to Improve the Quality of Pharmaceutical Services, Academic Advisor, 2007-2008

  • Taichung Hospital Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Pharmacy Projects, Academic Advisor, 2000-2005

  • Hankang Information Technology Company –Taichung Veteran General Hospital, Balanced Scorecards, Academic Advisor, 2003.07 – 2003.12

  • Xinfeng Pharmaceutical Company, Quality Control Division, Director/Academic Pharmacist, 1996.02 – 1996.06 position

Academic Publications

Journal Articles * Corresponding author

  1. Lin YK, Lin CD, Chen DY, *Lin BYJ. Effects of grit on medical students' well-being during clerkships: Alongitudinal observational cohort study. Frontiers in Medicine. 2024 May 30; 11:1331402. (SCI)
  2. Lin YK, Lin CD, *Lin BYJ. Junior doctors well-being and the determinants based on abilitymotivationopportunity (AMO) theory: educational and managerial implications from a three-year longitudinal observation after graduation.  Medical Teacher.  2024 Mar 9:1-16. doi: 10.1080/0142159X.2024.2322719. (open access) (SCI) 
  3. Chang CH, Huang MC, Chiao YC, Lin BYJ. The Relationship between Strategy and Hemodialysis Performance: The Moderating Role of Competitive Intensity. NTU Management Review. 2022; 32(3):155-186 (TSSCI)
  4. *Lin BYJ. Telling the stories of medical students’ learning at school of medicine using evidence-based social science and behavioral research. National Science and Technology Council, Humanities and Social Sciences Newsletter Quarterly. 2022; 23(4): 103-109. 【invited, in Chinese】 【Free download site: https://www.nstc.gov.tw/nstc/attachments/5444e56f-4117-4cb2-82c4-75b86a5c5738】
  5. Lin YK, *Lin BYJ, Lin CD, Chen DY. Relationship between medical students’ negative perceptions of colleagues’ work–life and burnout during clerkships: a longitudinal observational cohort study. BMJ Open. 2021 Oct 07;11:e049672. (SCI)
  6. Yang YS, Liu PC, Lin YK, Lin CD, Chen DY, *Lin BYJ. Medical students’ preclinical service-learning experience and its effects on empathy in clinical training. BMC Medical Education. 2021 May 26; 21:301. (SSCI)(SCI)
  7. Lin YK, *Lin BYJ, Chen DY. Do teaching strategies matter? The relationships between various teaching strategies and medical students’ well-being during clinical workplace training. Medical Teacher. 2020 Jan;42(1):39-45. (SCI) (Taiwan Medical Education Association, Annual Research Award, 2020.10.17)
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  11. *Lin BYJ. Can community-oriented research be used as a basis for service learning curriculum design? ( Literature Guide:Stoecke R., Loving, K., Reddy, M., & Bollig, N. (2010). Can Community-Based Research Guide Service Learning? Journal of Community Practice, 18 (2-3), 280-296) Taiwan Service-Learning Association Newsletter, 2017.04。【invited, in Chinese】
  12. *Lin BYJ. Service learning and faculty development: integration of faculty service, teaching and research for career development by faculty expertise. Taiwan Service-Learning Association Newsletter, 2017.04。【invited, in Chinese】
  13. *Lin BYJ, et al. Core competence evaluation of student learning effectiveness for medical students. Annual report of UCAN Office of the Ministry of Education, Industrial Technology Research Institute. 2016.06。【invited, Chinese】
  14. Cheng KC, Lee TL, Lin YJ, Liua CS, Lin CC, *Lai SW. (2016). Facility evaluation of resigned hospital physicians: managerial implications for hospital physician manpower. Biomedicine (Taipei). 2016 Dec;6(4):23. 
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Book Chapters, Books, Videos, etc. * Corresponding author

  1. Interview: Blossom Yen-Ju Lin. Medical students' resilience in clinical training. Editor/Writer 黃詩茹, Photographer 汪正翔. Humanity Island, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Science and Technology Council. 2022.09.14. 【https://humanityisland.nccu.edu.tw/blossom-yen-ju-lin/】
  2. Book: Lin BYJ, Chern CY. (2nd ed. Translators). Healing Environments: Design for the Body, Mind, & Spirit. (Author: Barbara J.) Wunan Book Publishing Co., Ltd. ISBN:9789577636157. 2019.10
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  5. Interview & Video: Cover Story: Excellent Teacher in the Service Learning Award Program of the Youth Development Agency of the Ministry of Education: Professor Blossom Yen-Ju Lin. National Education Broadcasting Station, Youth Story House. 2017.05.30,23:00。【https://youtu.be/mPYgaMIsTd0】
  6. Interview & VideoHappy Elder: Community Service Team in China Medical University. DaAi Headlines.2016.08.24/14:30, 2016.08.23/12:30, 2016.08.23/17:00 & 23:50; 2016.08.24/05:00, 2016.08.25/02:10 (Interviewed faculty: Professor Blossom Yen-Ju Lin.)【https://youtu.be/ZLQ1nOB7xxU】
  7. Video: Lin BYJ. Promotion animation for evidence based medical education at of China Medical University. Office of Teaching Excellence of China Medical University, 2015.12.10
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  14. Lin BYJ. Determinants of Integrated Health Networks’ Performance: Organizational Analysis from a Contingency-Strategic Management Perspective. Dissertation. Virginia Commonwealth University. USA. 1999.06


Teaching Courses

Undergraduate and Graduate program of Health Administration, 1999-2014

  • Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Service Learning

  • Integrated Care and Management

  • Research teaching

  • Theses and Dissertation advisor

School of Medicine, 2014-2018

  • Health Care Management

  • PBL

  • Service Learning

  • Research teaching

School of Medicine, 2018~

  • Health Sociology/Medical Sociology

  • Gender and Medicine

  • Health Services ResearchMethodology in Social and Behavior Sciences


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