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講題:Researching medical education: Why bother?

演講者:Professor Lynn Monrouxe

                (長庚醫學教育研究中心主任 (Director of CG-MERC))



地點:第二醫學大樓四樓 臨床醫學所醫學教育組研討室



Around 82,000 medical education-focused articles were published in over 4,000 different journals between the years of 1960 and 2010, with an 8-fold annual increase over time (Kyungjoon, L., et al. 2013). In 2014, over 1,500 manuscripts were submitted to the top international journal Medical Education alone: a 53% increase since 2007. And in October 2015, the Chang Gung Medical Education Research Centre opened its doors for the first time, with the aim of becoming an international Medical Education Research Centre, and among the top in the field in Asia. But medical education research suffers from being the poor relation to medical research (Todres et al. 2007), attracting relatively little funding and kudos (Archer et al 2015) it has been labeled the “ugly ducking of the medical world” (Sabel et al. 2014). So why do we bother? In this talk, Prof Monrouxe will explain why she thinks medical education research is just as important as clinical research. In doing so she will draw on her own 10-year programme of research investigating healthcare students’ professionalism dilemmas, explaining how and why medical education research can really make a difference: for healthcare professionals themselves, as well as for patient care quality.

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